Privacy Policy


4.1       Bonjour's Strict Privacy  Policy       

Bonjour agrees to maintain a strict privacy policy regarding all data and information provided by Client, and will not sell or give Client information to other parties without Client's express written consent. 

4.2       Bonjour Not Responsible For Accuracy                                                                               

Client understands and agrees that Bonjour is not responsible for accuracy or completeness of any information Bonjour may provide to Client about another person as part of the Services being provided by Bonjour.  


5.1       Privacy of Client Information 

The privacy of Client's information is very important to Bonjour.    To ensure the best protection possible for such information and to maintain Client's privacy, Bonjour provide this notice explaining the Company's policies and practices for protecting such information. 

5.2       Collection and Use of Personal Information                                                   

As part of its Services, Bonjour may collect personal information about Client from personal interviews, its website or other sources.   Bonjour uses this personal information to fulfill requests for the Company's services; to determine whether the Company's Services are appropriate for Client; to consider which matches may be suitable for Client; to use for contacting Client; and to provide other clients of Bonjour to whom the Company may match Client with a summary profile for the purpose of making a match. 

5.3      Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information    

Bonjour allows Client to register on the website of Bonjour.   Client has the ability to edit his/her personal information at any time, and may cancel his/her registration at any time.  The information which Client forwards to Bonjour shall be used solely by the Company for the purposes of billing, for notifying Client of any changes to this Agreement, or for any other purpose which Bonjour deems necessary to carry out its duties under this Agreement.  Bonjour will not sell or rent Client's personal information to any individual, business, or government entity.  Bonjour will only share a Client's personal information with other entities if Client so requests in writing to Bonjour, unless the Company is required to respond to court orders, subpoenas or other legal process. 

5.4       Encryption                                                                                                       

All registration pages of Bonjour’s website are protected with Secure Socket Layer (''SSL'') encryption.   The registration information must be accessed with usernames and passwords.  Client is advised not to share his/her username and password with any other person.     

5.5     Use and Disclosure of Personal Information    

Bonjour will use and disclose Client's personal information only as follows: (1) to confirm Client's registration; (2) to follow up to make sure Client's registration is complete; (2) to notify Client of Bonjour’s offers, special events, news, and updates; (3) if, in the course of registering with our website, Client opts to receive occasional emails from third parties to whom we provide Client's information, Bonjour will disclose such information to such third parties; (4) to protect the rights and safety of Bonjour, its shareholders, members, officers, employees, and customers; (5) at Bonjour’s option, to notify Client of any changes to this Privacy Policy or other terms and conditions of this Agreement; and (6) as otherwise required by law.  Bonjour discloses Client's personal information to third parties only as reasonably required to register Client with Bonjour’s website and/or collect sums due Bonjour (such as to shippers and credit card processors), to protect the rights and safety of Bonjour, its LLC members, officers, employees and customers.   Bonjour may transfer Client's personal information in the event of the sale of substantially all of the assets of the Company to a third-party or in the event of a merger, consolidation or acquisition. However, in such event, any acquirer will be subject to the provisions of Bonjour’s commitments to its Clients.